Free Vote Key!

Support us for a Free Vote Crate Key

All you need to do to get your FREE vote crate key EVERY DAY is to support us on your favourite Minecraft server list.**

*Website can sometimes break and may require you to use a different browser if their captcha doesn't work

Vote Crate Available Rewards:

Experience Share
Lucky Egg
3 Ultra Balls
Good rod
2 Rare candies
4 Great Balls
2 Level balls
3 Moon Balls
3 Nest Balls
3 Safari Balls
3 Quick Balls
3 Love Balls
Max Revive
2 Grass Gems
2 Silver Hourglass
2 Diamonds
8 Gold Ingots
PayDay TM
Soft Boiled TM
Sleep Talk TM
Overheat TM
Thunderbolt TM
Blizzard TM
Dragon Claw TM
Ability Capsule
Sun Stone
Fire StoneWater StoneMoon Stone
Thunder StoneLeaf StoneDusk StoneDawn Stone

Get a key for each server list. That's 6 keys a day!